Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Third Water Marble Mani

As promised, I'm posting a pic of my current mani, a purple water marble. This is only my third attempt at water marbling. It didn't turn out as I first planned. Last week I was wearing Revlon Blue Lagoon, and I loved it so much that I wanted to do a water marble with it, white and silver. But unfortunately, either the Revlon or Wet n Wild white I was using, or maybe both, would not play well in the water. I forgot that I had the same results on my first attempt at water marbling. I tried a couple of Revlon polishes and none of them worked. I thought maybe since this bottle was brand new that it might work, but no such luck. I'm curious, have any of you had any luck at all using Revlon polishes in a water marble? Or are they just not formulated to work properly?

Well, since my new favorite light blue polish wouldn't work, I ended up doing a purple water marble. But this time I wanted to go lighter. And I had already applied a base coat of WnW French White Creme on my nails in preparation of the blue/white/silver marble I had planned. But since I wasn't sure if my white polish was having issues in the water as well, I decided not to use it in the water. Which is why, if you look closely, you can see a little bit of white around the edges on some of my nails. That does bother me. I would rather my base coat match the colors in the water marble. I will definitely work on getting better at that in the future. But for now, here's my current mani:

Sally Hansen CSM Plum Luck & Pedal to the Metal, HAN Xtreme Wear Lacey Lilac & Celeb City with a base coat of WnW French White Creme

So far I've found that Sally Hansen and some Wet n Wild polishes work best for me in water marbles. I've seen on other blogs that China Glaze seems to work pretty well. I look forward to getting more CG polishes and trying them in the water myself. What brands do you guys like the best for water marbling? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading!

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