Saturday, October 15, 2011

My October Julep Maven Boho Glam Box & Giveaway Win Nail Mail

After wearing my first halloween mani for 4 days, I loved it, but it was so dark, I was ready to change it up with something lighter. So I was super-excited to get my October Julep Maven box just in time! (If you don't know about the Julep Maven program, click here to read my first post all about it, or click here to try it out for yourself.) First, let me show you what it included:
A full-sized tube of Glow On, an age defying hand brightener (ie. lotion) that I like much better than the regular Hand Cream they sent in the September box. This smells and feels so much better. And of course, the nail colors! Malin - a light pink champagne shimmer - and Gayle - a deep eggplant purple creme that is new for this holiday season.
Malin was the perfect breath of fresh air I needed after my last dark mani. I love the color, but my biggest complaint is that it chips so easily. It chipped on me in less than 24 hours. I reapplied and it chipped again in less than 12 hours! It is possible that it was either my base or top coat, or maybe I just had a nail that was prone to peeling no matter what. I will try it again later to find out for sure, and will hope for the best, because I do love this color.
I know, I know, I was just wearing a dark purple before I wore Malin for 2 days, and yes, part of me wanted to wear something else for a few more days before trying another dark purple, but I really wanted to swatch my other new Julep nail color so I could include it in my post. So here is Gayle. In sunlight on top and flash on bottom. This one has a wonderful formula just like all of the other cremes I've received from Julep so far. I think this was just one coat! I wore it alone for one day, and then I received my giveaway prize from Concrete And Nail Polish! So I just had to try out Nubar 2010!
My first Nubar and my first flakie!!! Can you tell I love it?! This has got to be my most picture-heavy post yet! And this is only one coat of Nubar 2010, it's that flakie!
Here's a pic of everything I got in my first giveaway nail mail - Tic Tac 174, Green Litter, 231, Nubar 2010, and she also included the cute Sonia Kashuk makeup bag as a surprise! I love it so much! Thanks April! You'll always be my first...giveaway win that is! 

Well, I think this post is long enough!
Thanks for reading!

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