Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Flocking Fish Egg Mani

I know, long time no blog, but hey, life happens! I'm back now, and with some awesomeness! Two of the biggest things I've been seeing in the nail art blogosphere right now are flocked/fuzzy nails and (of course) fish egg/caviar nails. I've been dying to try both of them, and last night I finally got to Michael's to find the flocking powder and microbeads that I needed. And lucky for me, they were both on the same display, literally one on top of the other. Both came in packages of 6 colors, and the price listed was $6.99 for each package, but they rang up 50% off at $3.49 each! How awesome is that?! 

Since I couldn't decide which one to try first, I had the amazing idea to combine them into one epic mani!

My nails were already painted with ManGlaze ILF (which is freaking amazing by the way!), a gorgeous shade of tealish seafoam green. And the packages of flocking powder and microbeads both happened to have a similar shade in them. So I just alternated nails, one flocked, one fish egged, etc. 

I know it's not a practical or durable mani by any means, but it looks pretty cool, and I'm happy with the way it turned out. What do you think?

Now I want to go back and see if I can find a package with the black, white, silver, champagne, etc. color beads in them, so I can try out a genuine caviar mani with all black beads. Although I do think I'll love playing with all the bright colors in the packages I bought this weekend. 

FYI, while I've seen both flocked and fish egg nails and tutorials on many blogs recently, I was inspired by these lovely ladies: The Nailasaurus, The Swatchaholic, OMG! Polish 'em!, Let Them Have Polish!, Polish Art Addiction, The PolishAholic. Thanks for the inspiration and instructions, ladies! 

Thanks for reading!

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